Dearest Stakeholders,

It gives me great pleasure to write to you again, and I trust that all are good for each and every one of us.

First and foremost, on behalf of the Board and the team at 3LYON, I would like to wish our Muslim brothers and sisters EID MUBARAK. May you receive good tidings and joy in this celebratory month of Syawal!

When I last wrote, we were awaiting details for our vaccination program to address the COVID-19 pandemic. As I write now, the program has been rolled out albeit the surge in cases. We are now touching more that 3500 new cases daily and this is worrying. As I remind myself and our team here at 3LYON, I also call upon each one of us to observe the SOPs, stay at home and go out only when and where necessary. Avoid crowds. In addition, I do hope that everyone of us has registered for our Covid vaccines.

At 3LYON, we have been reasonably steady. Our Consumer and Corporate Financing business has been performing well. This has been brought about by our tight processes, our close relationship with our clients and above all, the diligent and hard work of our team. The business continues to show some growth and we are indeed pleased. Moving forward, we are taking steps to expand the business as part of our strategy in this segment. We will do so in a pragmatic way.

In our other businesses, we are happy to report that ECLIMO continues to show growth. As we have consistently communicated, this is the business of the future and we continue to make inroads into the EV segment. We are also happy to inform you that we are looking into a few more investments and acquisitions and would be able to share with you, news on this front in the near future.

I am pleased to update investors that our second dividend payout for the year is being made as per schedule – 31st May. We are grateful for this good return, and as always, I do encourage all of us fortunate ones to continue to share our wealth around. Let us do our part to assist who and where we can.

To all our stakeholders, thank you for the continued collaboration. To our investors, thank you for your faith and continued support. We cannot thank all enough and look forward to our continuous Enriching journey.

Stay safe.
Warmest Regards,




Datuk Wira Ranjeet S Sidhu




Updated: 28 May 2021

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