We are passionate about investing in viable, profitable companies with high growth potential that also bring significant benefits to the community. We leverage on our extensive network to discover these hidden gems, and through our expert market knowledge and operational expertise, we create value by working together with the management team to unlock the potential of these companies.


The financial landscape is ever-evolving. Whilst banks and other financial institutions are continuously relooking at their existing business models, we at 3LYON hold fast to our personalized approach when it comes to extending our financing facilities for our clients.

This consistent and time-tested approach in understanding our clients closely has resulted in long-lasting relationships that continue to grow through the years.

By taking a balanced approach between the clients’ needs and our returns, we create a sustainable business model and growth for all…

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At 3LYON, we pride ourselves in continuously looking to invest in ventures that are SUSTAINABLE – organisations that sees itself as wanting to achieve a balance between Profit and Planet.

We create value in our investments by leveraging our capital, network and insights to work hand-in-hand with management in unlocking the potential of each organisation.

ECLIMO Electric Motorcycle

Governments and corporations around the world are collaborating to reduce pollution. One of their main targets is the internal combustion engine. Some 14 countries and 20 cities have stated their intention to ban or severely limit fossil fuel-powered vehicles at some point in the near future.

Car makers such as Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Citroen, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes and Tesla are responding by developing and improving electric vehicles. This is the future of road transportation and electricity is the new currency for energy.

Eclimo had a vision to revolutionise the transport industry while making a positive change. Its Electric Scooter is wholly manufactured in Malaysia and certified for use on public roads as the ideal mobility vehicle for a varioety of industries, such as security services, short-range transport and delivery services. The Eclimo Electric Scooter is set to transform transportation in an economically viable and environmentally safe way…

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We have landbanks as well as partner with organisations that possess landbanks for development. Our development approach is to undertake projects that provide solutions to societal needs.

3LYON Retirement Village
After a long and productive life working and raising a family, everyone deserves a peaceful and enjoyable retirement…

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3LYON Prestige

3LYON Prestige offers an exclusive members-only access to a world of privileges, where we leverage our network for the benefit of our members.

Starting with our unrivalled “Prestige Cashback”, all the way to our “Prestige Platinum”, we provide privileges in a fun way…

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3LYON Wealth Advisor

There are many paths on the road to creating wealth. The journey can be made smoother when you can count on excellent advice from people in the know. You can count on 3LYON Wealth Advisor as the people who know what’s out there and bring to you only what we ourselves would invest in….

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